Within the Faculty of Legal, Social and Political Sciences, there are a number of 2 professional master's degree programs in administrative sciences, as follows:

  • Public Administration and European Integration (PAEI);
  • Governance and Cross-Border Cooperation in Public Administration (GCBAP).

The basic mission of the master's program aims to prepare graduates of the Public Administration bachelor program who continue their studies in the second cycle in in-depth issues in administrative and regional sciences, to enable them to learn the best skills and professional skills in various domains covered by the master programs mentioned above. These master programs aim to ensure an adequate level of qualification, which will allow graduates a quickly enter on the labor market. The strategy of the master degree programs in Administrative Sciences converges with the strategic plan of the “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati and aims to ensure the continuity, complementarity and sustainability of the bachelor and master's studies, in accordance with the most modern national and international concepts.

The general objectives of these master degree programs are to train graduates of the Public Administration bachelor program and those who already practice, aiming at a series of professional and research skills, as the follows:

  • ensuring a balance between general and specialized knowledge, so that graduates are qualified to practice different specific professions;dobândirea de către absolvenţi a unor capacităţi superioare de analiză şi sinteză în cadrul domeniilor respective de specialitate;
  • acquiring the necessary skills for the development of theoretical and / or applied research activities, with emphasis on the disciplines covered by each of the master programs, in full connection with the best research practices in the field;
  • accumulation of in-depth and specialized knowledge to ensure the reproduction and the understanding of the general and specific processes in Administrative Sciences and the specific sub-fields covered by the master programs, as well as establishing relationships with other disciplines and professional areas to complete the knowledge of graduates at the end of master degree programs.

In terms of specific professional skills, they are distinguished according to the specifics of each master program.

Public Administration and European Integration (PAEI) is designed as a study program able to provide training programs as a professional (vocational) master. The program has a flexible structure and meets the requirements of dynamic master programs, while having a strong component of deepening knowledge in an advanced form.

The development of this master program aims to:

  1. the creation of a higher education and research hub for an important field of Administrative Sciences, aligned with the national and the European strategies;
  2. training of the national human resources specialized in the professional activities and research skills for doctoral studies;
  3. modernization of the teaching and professional activities and their correlation with those in the European area of higher education and excellence research;
  4. deepening the multidisciplinary university research and creating a national network formed by elite training and research nuclei within the Romanian universities;
  5. ensuring the necessary conditions for participation in international networks and programs of professional training and research in the Administrative Sciences.  

The analyzed study program is compatible with other master programs in Administrative Sciences conducted in theEuropean universities with which the Faculty of Legal, Social and Political Sciences realises exchanges (ERASMUS +) and advantageous partnerships for students and the academic community.

                 The target group for which the training is addressed includes:

  1. graduates of the faculties / programs of profile studies from universities interested in holding decision-making positions;
  2. graduates of specialized faculties interested in developing the needed skills for research and education in the field;
  3. graduates of specialized faculties interested in achieving managerial positions in administrative, research and education structures, including the European ones. 

The organizing department of the Public Administration and European Integration (PAEI) master degree is Administrative Sciences and Regional Studies.

                 The didactic and research mission of the study program is elaborated according to the faculty mission and to the organizing department mission, as well,  and aims at general and specific objectives with reference to:

  1. training programs, by increasing the teaching-learning-assessment activities’ efficiency and quality;
  2. increasing the master students’ interest for professional development and scientific research by engaging them in educational and research activities;
  3. the development and modernization of the education and research infrastructure by attracting structural funds, projects initiated and carried out within the Research Center of the faculty, etc.;
  4. increasing the competitiveness of the Galati school in Administrative and Regional Sciences, the prestige and visibility of the academic community through publications recognized in the mainstream, participation to prestigious events, awards, representations in prestigious professional associations and representative commissions in education and scientific research studies in higher education;
  5. continuous training of the students and the teachers in line with the latest European trends by promoting mobility programs;
  6.      promoting the principles of university ethics and professional ethics;
  7.      information transfer and implementation of the research results in cooperation with functional organizations, with a view to promoting new methods of market research development and diversification of the strategic areas of activity.

Strategic objectives:

  1. promoting a new quality management system in higher education;
  2. integration of our master degree programs in the European academic and knowledge space;
  3. modernization of the educational process;
  4. developing research and innovation skills;
  5. strengthening the international cooperation in scientific research and higher education;
  6. strengthening relations with the real economic environment and modeling the master programs according to its requirements.

Specific objectives:

  1. achieving the professional competencies targeted by the master study program;
  2. achieving the research skills at professional level;
  3. the interaction of the trained specialist with the real professional environment (collaboration, research);
  4. training the specialist for the optimal operation within the activities in the Administrative Sciences.
Ph.D.Associate Professor George-Cristian SCHIN