13th edition International Scientific Conference ”Exploration, Education and Progress in the Third Milenium”


The conference will have as a purpose an interdisciplinary approach of various themes in the field of social and humanistic sciences: law, administrative sciences, regional studies, economics, psychology, sociology, theology and other interrelated domains.


The conference intends to bring together researchers and professionals in the above mentioned fields. The participants are expected to answer to the various questions related to and deriving from the thematic under debate by means of an innovative and accurate methodology.

The conference’s coherence and originality will be ensured by the combination of two fundamental elements: on the one hand, special attention will be given to the classic aspects of the study of the social and humanistic sciences, and, on the other hand, the classical perspective will be complemented by the modern European and international approach of the topics under analysis.PANELS LAW: PUBLIC LAW; PRIVATE LAW; CRIMINAL SCIENCES PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND REGIONAL STUDIES